Universe is one of the beautiful creations of nature and everything stands alive only in the limelight of truth. Just like every subject of human aspect is governed with rules, regulations acts, similarly the art of worshipping has got certain key factor principles to attain all its benefits.


While planning a house, due to the space constraints, many people tend to ignore a separate pooja room but we must not sideline the need to make a place for GOD. Thus by creating a room for worshipping, we are creating a room to get charged with positive vibrations every morning and that energy will energize our environment, mind, body and soul. Our work efficiency will increase and so the progress, prosperity and peace. This room should be designed carefully because when you do meditation, you should gain the positive energies and then you can feel charged. If it is in wrong direction, then no matter how much meditation you do, you will not feel charged. There are certain rules which one must follow before the commencement of designing a pooja room.

Vastu Tips for Pooja Room

  • The pooja room should always be situated in the North, East or the Northeast side of the house.
  • One should face towards East/North while worshipping.
  • Ideally there should be no idols in the worship room. But if one wish to keep, the height of the idol should not be more than 9 and less than 2.
  • While worshipping, the legs of the idol should be at the chest level of the person worshipping depending on the position, whether standing or sitting.
  • Nothing should be stored above the cabinet or slab here the God’s idol is placed.
  • A Pooja room should never be made in a bedroom or on a wall adjacent to the bathroom wall.
  • One shall not enter the pooja room for any purpose without washing his legs and hands. Cleaning the feet by rubbing them against each other is prohibited. The left hand must clean them and the water must be poured by the right hand. Reared side of the feet must always be cleaned first.
  • In pooja room, copper vessels only shall be used particularly where water is collected.
  • Triangular pattern of any God should not be drawn in the Pujaghar.
  • The colour of walls of pooja room should be white, lemon or light blue and the marble used should be white.
  • The worship room should have doors and windows in the north or the east
  • The Agnikund should be in the southeast direction of the worship room. The sacred offerings to the fire should be made with the face towards the east
  • Lamp stand should be placed in the Southeast corner of the pooja room.

We have to take care of the following points while studying about the vastu of the pooja room. Vastu consultation of pooja room involves thorough analysis.

  • Proper location of the pooja room in the house
  • The direction of the Entrance
  • The direction & placement of the windows
  • The direction & placement of the God place
  • The direction & placement of the almirah containing pooja stuff
  • The colour scheme of the room.




Vastu Shastra Is the science if architecture that teaches how to live in harmony with nature and how influence nature so that it works for your benefit. It is a part of a vast body of Vedic knowledge written over 5000 years ago.’Vastu’ means dweling and ‘Shastra’ means scientific treatise—the science of designing and building homes according to the eternal laws of nature.

North Direction: This direction is governed by diety “Kuber”. This is the ideal direction for young couples and also for storing valuables, important papers, cash, jewellery etc.

A bedroom in the North East : This direction is governed by Diety “shiv”. This direction should not have any bedroom because it is the space of Worship room.

A bedroom in the East: This direction is governed by Diety “Surya, Indra”. The direction is ideal for unmarried children.

A bedroom in the South East : This direction is governed by Diety “Agni”.The direction is not recommended for having bedroom because it leads to constant quarrels between couples and incures excessive expenditure. Children staying in this direction do not take interest in their studies and finds it difficult to get a sound sleep.

A bedroom in the West : This direction is governed by Diety “Varun”.The direction is ideal for students. However, it increases the probability of birth of a larger number of girls in the family.

A bedroom in the North West : This direction is governed by Diety “Vayu”.The location is the best for newlywed couples.


Vastu Guidelines for Bedroom

Let us also explore the basic Vastu guidelines that have to be followed, in case of the bedroom:-

1. Vaastu Shastra does not recommend a bedroom in the South East under any circumstances. It is best to shift from this room to any other room in the South West, South, West or North West. In case there is no choice, keep the bed away from the southeast corner or you will be sleeping on too much fire. Sleep in this room with your head towards the South and feet towards the North to ward off the ill-effects.

2. According to Vaastu Shastra, mirrors should not be located inside the bedroom as this leads to frequent misunderstandings and quarrels between couples. However, if essential, place them preferably along the North East wall.

3. You can decorate the walls with attractive wall hangings or pictures that bring pleasure since this is what you will see the first thing in the morning when you wake up!

4. The correct placement of furniture in the bedroom makes one feel at home. Vaastu suggests that since bedrooms normally have heavy objects like beds, cupboards etc, they should be placed in the South, South West or West direction of the room. If possible, avoid beds in the centre of the room.

5. According to Vaastu Shastra, mirrors should not be located inside the bedroom as this leads to frequent misunderstandings and quarrels between couples. However, if essential, place them preferably along the North East wall.

6. It is best to sleep with the head towards the South or East direction of the bedroom. The South brings a good deep sleep and ensures long life, while the East brings enlightenment. There should be no window behind you, while sleeping.



Description and guidelines for all the processes right from the selection of site to construction of the building, and of orientation of various rooms in directions, height of the rooms, positions of the doors etc. is found in Vastu Shastra. Actually the text that guides us to plan and construct a town, temple, residential house, cattle shed, or any other building equipped with all necessary amenities for the comfort and utility of mankind is given the name Vaastu Shastra which has been divinely described in Indian culture and scriptures.Vastu for Griha Pravesh Griha Pravesh (i.e. first entry into the newly built house) is also as important aspect of Vaastu-Shastra. After the house is complete in all respects, living in that house is started at some auspicious moment determined on astrological considerations. The first entry in the house at the auspicious moment is called Graha Pravesh ceremony. For any newly built house house warming is considered a holistic occasion. This custom is done so as to keep evil forces away from entering new home. Even after land acquisition, a prayer (puja) is performed which is called as Bhumi Poojan, and later house warming ceremony is called as Vaastu-shanti


When the house is ready to be occupied, a muhurta is selected for grihya pravesha which consists mainly of Ganesha puja (Ganapati), The mandala is drawn to invoke the gods and nine planets, which act as witnesses to the ceremony. The offerings in the form of fire (Agni) which is supposed to convey to the gods. The family carries the havan kunda into every room. The various medicinal ingredients in the smoke from the havan disinfect and purify the air within. The house is encircled with thread three times from the east, which is the most auspicious direction. Both these signify the erection of protective barriers around the house to keep away evil influences, and are done to the accompaniment of the Rakshoghna Mantra and the Pavamana Mantra.A pit dug in the southeast corner of the boundary of the house with sides of the pit fortified with cowdung paste and the pit is worshipped. A brick box containing corn, moss, and flowers is lowered into the pit, which is then filled up. Since corn symbolises fertility, this is believed to ensure prosperity Holy water sprinkled around the house is to keep away evil spirits With this, grihya pravesha is completed.

The Grihyasutras give detailed instructions about the kind of land that should be chosen for constructing a house or temple, the direction it should face and the ceremonies to be performed at each stage. The Matsya Purana elaborates which stages during construction are important, like laying the foundation, and raising the first door, and explains that grihya pravesha puja should be performed at these stages. This ceremony is still performed in the traditional manner. After Ganesha puja, the jar of water is placed on a heap of corn, the universal symbol of fertility.

Three types of Graha Pravesh have been mentioned in the scriptures –

1.Apoorva –First entry to live in house newly constructed on a newly selected land is called Apoorva (new) Graha Pravesh.

2.Sapoorva-Entry into an already existing house to live in it after traveling abroad or migration elsewhere, is called Sapoorva graha pravesh.

3.Dwandwah-Entry into a house to live in it after reconstruction/renovation of the house damaged by fire, flood waters, electricity, wind etc. is termed as Dwandwah (or old) Graha Pravesh.

Scriptures have described the procedures of Graha Pravesh at auspicious time (muhurat) and purity (defectless) of Panchang. For Apoorva Graha Pravesh perfect auspicious time should be adhered to and fro Graha Pravesh in a reconstructed house or after migration the purity of Panchang should be given consideration.

If the doors of a house are not fitted with shutters, or the roof is not covered, or the God, Vaastu have not been worshipped and offered sacrifices, and if the priests etc. have not been offered feast, first entry into such house (Graha Pravesh) should not be accomplished till the above things are completed, otherwise living in that house will be full of troubles and miseries. Therefore living in a house should be started only after offering sacrifices and worshipping Vaastu as per procedure given in scriptures.

Entry into a house built of grass and leaves etc. may be performed on any auspicious day. In houses built with bricks, stone, mud, cement etc. the first entry is auspicious when the sun is Uttarayan. As far as possible Graha Pravesh should be accomplished in the day only, it will be auspicious. Normally, it can be done at any auspicious moment in the day or night. Guru (Jupiter) or Shukra (Venus) being set (invisible) i.e. Tara does not matter in case of Graha Pravesh in a old renovated house.

For the ceremony of giving food to a child for the first time (Anna Prashan), wearing new clothes, daily travels, first entry into an old renovated house and entry of a bride in the house, invisibility (setting) of Jupiter (Guru) and Venus (Shukra) i.e. Tara should not be considered, only the purity and auspiciousness of the Panchang should be considered in such cases. Auspicious months for Graha Pravesh and the results of the same are as given below –

Month Results
Magh Gain of wealth
Falgun Gain of children and wealth
Baishakh Growth of wealth and prosperity
Jeshtha Gain of son and cattle.

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23 Things You Didn’t Know About Astrology:-

1. You have more than one sign. The sun sign is the one that you’re probably most familiar with, but did you know you also have a moon sign and rising sign? You can find your rising and moon sign here, but you’ll need to know your time and place of birth.


2. Your moon sign is the sign that speaks to your emotions. “Your moon sign represents your inner life and symbolizes your emotions, reactions, and responses to what goes on around you,” explains John Marchesella, certified astrologer and former chair of the astrological society the National Council of Geocosmic Research. “The moon also exaggerates the qualities of its sign on the inner level. So, while sun, moon, and rising signs are all equally powerful, an Aries moon feels more impatient than a sun in Aries.”


3. Your rising, or ascendant, sign represents identity, the first impression you make on others, and your outer personality. Marchesella explains that rising signs are representative of our identity in the way that we use the word “me.” Oh, this color is so me! This sweater is so me! Like the moon exaggerates qualities of its sign on an emotional level, the ascendant sign exaggerates its qualities on the outer level. So an Aries rising person would behave in more impatient ways than a sun in Aries. Though one of the signs might manifest itself in ways that make it seem stronger than the other signs, none are more powerful than the rest.


4. Your sun sign is what motivates you from the heart and deep within. Marchesella describes this as “what we are always striving to become in life.” Think of the sun sign as the “point” of your life, just as the sun is the “point” in the sky.


5. Generally speaking, the compatibility of signs with one another is influenced by the elements of nature: fire, earth, air, and water. But Marchesella notes that compatibility tends to be a little overstated (sorry!).


6. Born in between signs? You might be a cusp. Astrologers vary their interpretations on cusps, but Marchesella believes that a planet is either on one side of the cusp or the other. In other words, being a cusp doesn’t necessarily mean you are a blend of the signs, but that you probably tend to identify with one planet more than the other.


7. The degrees of a sign don’t mean what you think it does. You’ve probably seen birth charts and horoscopes expressed with degrees, i.e., 29 degrees Leo. However, the degrees do not indicate the strength or power of the sign. Marchesella notes that more often than not, a planet at the very start or very end of a sign is more expressive (not necessarily more powerful) of that sign.


8. Signs don’t influence your physical appearance — but they can describe it.Marchesella explains: “The signs might describe the changes we make in or on our bodies to help us be more ’me.’ For instance, Aries might want red highlights in their hair or tend to wear more red to express the fieriness of their sign.”


9. Mercury retrograde can actually be good! “There is a purpose to every season,” says Marchesella. You might have heard Mercury retrograde referred to as a catch-all excuse for Bad Tings™, but that’s not accurate. “It’s a great time to go back in areas of communication, organization, and learning. Take the opportunity to revisit old friends and places, reorganize the piles on your desk, reread a book, repair, revise, and retrace your steps in order to make corrections and learn from the past. Regress in order to make progress!”


10. Mercury retrograde does not actually mean the planets move back. T.C. Eisele, psychic counselor, astrologer, and author, describes the retrograde effect like this:

Imagine you are riding on an express train and it passes a slower local train traveling on the adjacent track. As the express roars by, the local will seem like it is moving backwards from the point of view of the passengers on the express. This is what happens in astrology when the planets pass each other on their orbits. Thus from our vantage point here on earth the other planets will appear to be moving backwards as we go by. Astrology has decided to deal with this phenomenon by plotting the planets that are passing the earth as moving backwards in the chart.

11. Mercury is not the only planet to have retrograde periods. Eisele explains: “Periodically, all planets involved in your astrological chart will go retrograde except the sun and moon.” Plus, Mercury retrograde is actually pretty short compared to other planet’s retrograde periods — clocking in at about three weeks, while Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto (which NASA says is still a planet, just smaller than most!) have retrograde periods of five months.


12. No, Mercury retrograde is not going to ruin your life. “Many people like to blame the circumstances of their lives on whatever they can rather than take responsibility for their actions, but the simple fact of the matter is that astrological aspects don’t determine your life, your choices do,” Eisele says. “For instance, if you knew you needed to replace your computer because it had been acting up for a while and then it were to break down during a Mercury retrograde, it would certainly be more accurate to say that you pushed the envelope rather than Mercury victimized you.”


13. During the Reagan administration, there was a White House astrologist. Nancy Reagan consulted with Joan Quigley after an assassination attempt on her husband, and Quigley spent seven years after consulting the Reagans. The White House Chief of Staff at the time published a book on his time, saying:

Virtually every major move and decision the Reagans made during my time as White House Chief of Staff was cleared in advance with a woman in San Francisco [Quigley] who drew up horoscopes to make certain that the planets were in a favorable alignment for the enterprise.

14. If you really want an accurate reading of your birth chart, you should know your birthplace and time of birth. “We need to know the time of your birth in order to calculate the placement of your planets as well as the houses of the horoscope,” Marchesella says. “The angle from your birth place up to the signs varies how we see the signs.” The sky would look different if you were to view it from the equator compared to a higher latitude, like Sweden.


15. Catholic popes used to believe in astrology. Pope Julius II based the day of his coronation on the advice of astrologers, and Paul III scheduled church council meetings based on the advice of astrologers.


16. According to Marchesella, everyone has some degree of all 12 signs, all the planets, and all 12 houses of the horoscope in operation. So if you feel like you can relate to certain traits of all different signs, you’re not wrong.


17. Shakespeare is known to have created some of his characters around their astrological signs.


18. British intelligence agency MI5 hired astrologist Louis de Wohl during WWII as a mouthpiece for wartime propaganda. By de Wohl’s accounts, MI5 hired him to see what Hitler’s astrologers would be telling him, once they learned Hitler believed in astrology.

However, his declassified MI5 file shows that de Wohl was hired for propaganda purposes: speaking to the press about how the stars predicted Hitler’s demise as a way to convince the U.S. to go to war.

For the most part, de Wohl ended up being a pain in the ass for his superiors to deal with. His file is full of his superiors going back and forth, calling him a “charlatan.”

De Wohl also annoyed his superior officers when they caught him wearing a captain’s uniform out and about in the streets when his position with MI5 was still supposed to be secret.


19. In Japan, people treat blood types like horoscopes and believe that personality types are tied to blood type.


20. Gerolamo Cardano, an Italian mathematician whose research lead to the invention of the combination lock, was imprisoned in 1570 for casting the horoscope of Jesus Christ.


21. The most common astrological sign in the U.S. is Scorpio (9.6 percent of U.S. population), and the least common sign is Aquarius (6.3 percent).


22. Benjamin Franklin was an astrology enthusiast. Under the pseudonym Richard Saunders, Franklin wrote and published Poor Richard’s Almanack, which included astrological elements.


23. Some people believe there are 12 people on a jury because of the 12 astrological houses. Despite recent news of a 13th sign, Marchesella points out that what they are referring to is a constellation, not a sign. “In reality, there are a myriad of constellations, which can be confused with signs. However, there are, and only can be, the traditional twelve SIGNS of the zodiac. Period.”


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Interesting facts about Indian Astrology


New Delhi: Astrology is the study of heavenly bodies on earth. According to Newton, every body has influence on every other body and the force of attraction or repulsion is given as product of gravitational constant, mass of the bodies and inverse of the square of the radius.

The Indian astrology is perhaps one of the oldest astrology in the world. One thing that is very peculiar about Indian astrology is the fact that it has considerable difference in its principles and logics from the western astrology.

The Indian astrology is known for widely using the stars and different constellations that one sees in the sky.

15 Surprising Facts You Should Know About Astrology

Astrology is defined as, “the divination of the supposed influences of the stars and planets on human affairs and terrestrial events by their positions and aspects.” There’s an old saying that things are “written in the stars,” and for believers of astrology, this is especially true. Because so much is still unknown about the universe, those who rely on it for answers or predictions about their lives must act on a huge degree of faith in regard to what the stars tell them. Still, countless people still check their horoscopes on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Most major women’s magazines have astrology sections that give readers brief predictions about what’s in store for those under specific astrological signs. While you likely already know the star sign under which you fall, there’s a lot you likely don’t know about astrology. Here are 15 surprising facts about astrology that just might change how you look at the stars.

15. The Moon Might Affect the Body the Way It Affects the Moon


The ocean waves are a result of the moon’s influence, and astrologers believe that the moon influences the body’s “waves” in much the same way. The body, much like the ocean, is made mostly of water. When you hear someone say they’re acting funny because it’s a full moon, there might actually be some science behind it. Interestingly, there is even documented proof that more assaults occur around a full moon, giving strong support to the theory the moon affects human behavior. Don’t let that be an excuse for poor behaviour, of course, but keep a look out for how your mood changes.

14.  1/3 of Americans Believe in Astrology


A recent poll of thousands of Americans found that 31% believed in astrology, while 18% were unsure, and the remainder did not believe in it. What’s interesting about these numbers, however, is that simply because a person doesn’t “believe” in astrology, doesn’t mean they don’t at least read their own horoscope for entertainment. Due to astrology’s prevalence in society, knowledge of it is nearly unavoidable so a lack of belief in it does not stop its growth. Women make up 75% of believers in astrology, which explains why astrology columns are so popular in women’s magazines.

13. Presidents Are Often Astrology Buffs

Ronald-Reagan-and-astrology-003 (1)

In 1988, the White House confirmed the Reagan’s were followers of astrology. Mrs. Reagan, in particular, took astrological circumstances under consideration when planning events. Her interest was said to have peaked after the attempted assassination of her husband in 1981. The Reagan’s consulted with a professional astrologer to help in their making decisions within the White House and for the world. Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt were also astrology buffs and were known to even quote horoscopes at times.

12. An Astrology Accurately Predicted Hitler’s Future


While no one could have known just how horrific Hitler’s reign would be, one astrologer came pretty close. In 1924, a female “fan” of Hitler’s gave astrologer Frau Elsbeth Ebertin, Hitler’s birth chart, and she rightly predicted he would become Fuhrer. Hitler himself was said to be a believer in astrology and even consulted with astrological professionals during World War II. Although Hitler was a different kind of leader than American Presidents, there is certainly a trend of world leaders looking to the stars for some input on their decisions.

11. Obama’s Presidential Race Victory Was Predicted by Astrologers


Of course, when it came to predicting if Senator John McCain or Barack Obama would win the presidential race, anyone who tried would have a 50% chance at guessing correctly. The United Astrology Conference meets every four years, and in 2008, a panel of professional astrologers unanimously predicted Obama’s victory. Next, in 2012 they predicted Obama would win again, and they were just as right. While the panel predicts several different events, the highlight tends to be the presidential predictions. These only get more exciting when people hear how accurate they usually are.

10. Your Zodiac Sign Comes From the Sun


You likely already know what your zodiac sign is, but do you know what determines what it will be? Of course, it depends on your birthdate, but furthermore, it relates to the position of the sun at the time of your birth. There are twelve possible zodiac signs, and each one takes up an equal portion of the zodiac wheel. Astrologists believe that this sign will tell you invaluable information about your future and your personality. The signs are thought the be an energy that acts on other bodies, including transiting planets.

9. There Are Water, Fire, Earth, and Air Signs


There are twelve zodiac signs on the astrological wheel, but they divide further into four different groups. First, there are Water Signs which are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Then, there are Fire Signs which are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. There are Earth Signs which are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn and the Air Signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. These four elements are essential to all life forms and the element under which your zodiac sign falls is said to predict major components of your personality.

8. Your Sign Might Influence Your Appearance


Astrologers believe that your zodiac sign will actually impact what you look like. It might sound far-fetched, but astrologers believe they have uncovered certain physical traits that are most prominent in certain signs. For example, Gemini (May 21-June 20) are said to be small-boned and to have refined features. Scorpios (October 23-November 21) are said to be muscular and to have an intense look in their eyes. Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) are thought to generally have long, muscular legs, and female Sagittarius are said to behave in a tomboy-like manner.

7. Each Sign Has Favourable Colours


Have you ever noticed you seem to gravitate towards certain colours or feel most comfortable surrounded by certain colours? Perhaps there are colours that make you feel uneasy. It turns out, there could be an astrological basis for the way you feel about colours. Sagittarius signs have purple listed as a favourable colour, and Taurus (April 20-May 20) have the colour pink. Pisces (February 19-March 20) have sea-green as a favourable colour and Libra (September 23-October 22) have the colour blue. So, next time you’re in need of a little bit of extra luck (and let’s face it, more luck never hurts!) try surrounding yourself in your favourite colour or choosing a token item in that colour to keep with you.

6. China, India, and Greece Were First Countries to Utilize Astrology


Astrology got its beginnings in around 3000 BC Mesopotamia. From there, different cultures took the Babylonian beliefs and created their own beliefs and rules around it. Greece, for example, combined characters from Greek mythology with star signs. India and China combined religion and superstition with astrology in an effort to make it relatable to the local public. Many of the first scientists in medieval Europe were astrologers or astronomers, and while some people look down on it as a pseudoscience now, it was a highly valued profession at the time.

5. Star Signs Have Elements And Qualities



If you haven’t heard of the elements (fire, earth, air, and water) before, you likely haven’t heard of the qualities of the star signs, either. These qualities are Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn and they’re associated with initiation (both of the spirit and the seasons). Fixed signs are Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus and they are associated with being steady, digging in, and even being stubborn. Mutable signs are Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces and they are associated with flexibility and communication.

4. Certain Combinations Make for Better Relationships


Whether a coincidence or not (astrologers would say certainly not) certain combinations of zodiac signs have better odds of producing successful relationships than others. Of course, zodiac compatibility shouldn’t be the ONLY thing you consider when looking at the future of a relationship, but it certainly provides interesting insights. For example, passionate Scorpios merge best with Water signs like Cancer and Pisces. Aquarius blends well with Air signs like Gemini and Libra. The elements and qualities of signs also affect how compatible signs are, so there are many factors to consider when it comes to sun sign compatibility.

3. This is What Mercury in Retrograde Really Means


Mercury in retrograde is an astrological term you’re likely to hear thrown around quite often, but may be unsure of what it actually means. Three to four times a year, the planet Mercury appears to stop and actually reverse (retrograde) although it’s just an optical illusion. When this happens, many people say they notice certain things like computers and phones being on the fritz. Astrologers also say you might want to be careful in making set plans during retrograde because plans are more likely to fall through. So, next time you know Mercury is in retrograde, pay attention to how things unfold in your life and maybe you’ll find a connection.


2. Your Star Sign Might Affect Your Lovemaking


While we’ve established that a certain matching of zodiac signs can impact a romantic relationship, signs are also said to interact and affect the actual physical act of making love. Certain signs are associated with certain sexual characteristics, and these characteristics play into sexual compatibility. Aries are thought to be powerful lovers, although they can also be seen as selfish or fleeting. Taurus, being the most masculine sign, is associated with lovers with a high sex drive. Gemini make for creative lovers and the power of excitement and change will not be lost on them. Thanks to Leos being known for their fiery passion, they are largely thought to make the best lovers overall, but the other 11 signs certainly have something to say about that.

1. Your Sign Might Not Be What You Think It Is


You may have led your whole life thinking you were an intense Scorpio, only to find out you’re actually a Libra! What!? Well, things change in the sky just as they change on Earth. A phenomenon called precession, which refers to the Earth wobbling on its axis. Because, as we discussed, your star sign depends on the position of the sun at the time of your birth, and if the position of the Earth is different than we thought, so too will be your sun sign. Whether you should actually “switch” zodiac signs according to this information is the subject of much debate, but the general consensus seems to be that astrologers have always known about precession and therefore, have always taken it into account.

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